Craftsman Made Yurts combining Ancient Inspiration and Modern Standards

Below you will find all the items necessary to build your yurt. Including information about the deck, the cover colors you can choose from, and the yurt builder estimation tool that will show you your estimated cost to build your dream yurt.
*Keep in mind this is only an estimate as material costs can change without notice and that is beyond our control.


Modern Affordable Yurts for Sale

Yurt Pricing Calculator

Fill out the Yurt Price Calculator to find out exactly what your dream yurt kit would cost from Great Lakes Yurt Co. We are happy to make adjustments or specifications of any and all kinds to our Yurt Kits even if you don't see them listed on the Price sheet.

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The Deck

We recommend a round foundation that meets the exact diameter of your yurt for the best seal. We do provide plans for wood framed decks with all of our yurts. Our deck plans call for 2x6 tongue and groove spruce deck boards that make up your subfloor and finished floor all in 1 step. This material makes for a great seal, is cost effective, has a beautiful finish and being that spruce is a softer wood it doesnt move around with humidity swings and looks great for years.

The Yurt Deck
Alpine White Yurt Covers Antique Beige Yurt Covers Beige Suede Yurt Covers Cardinal Red Yurt Covers Chestnut Yurt Covers Cordovan Yurt Covers Driftwood Yurt Covers Mallard Green Yurt Covers Nautical Blue Yurt Covers Onyx Yurt Covers Putty Yurt Covers Shale Yurt Covers Storm Gray Yurt Covers Surf Yurt Covers

Yurt Covers

We use a vinyl coated polyester for our external coverings. This is a material that has been used in the marine industry for years and is a proven durable material that wont mold or fade and doesn't have a smell. It comes with a 7 year factory warranty and comes in 15 different colors. Check out the Options below!